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Founder's Story


I'm Katie, the driver and developer behind Critter.Co. In 2012, determined to solve my procrastination problem, I built a time management tool. It was exactly what I thought I wanted, but it didn't solve the procrastination problem. Why not? Because the reasons for my procrastination were emotional.

In line with the findings of athletic coaches Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz, authors of ThePower of Full Engagement, I've found that living life to the fullest and finding flow isn't primarily about having exactly the right tools or to-do list, but rather, about building & managing energy in four key areas:

You can learn every productivity hack in the world - Getting Things Done, the Pomodoro technique, and all the accompanying software - multitasking, single-tasking, and back again - and still be stuck in low flow.

My procrastination was about needing greater self-love.

It was about not looking to Facebook or email for approval, attagirls, or rescuing, but looking within and building up my own emotional strength. It was about needing to see these thousands of tiny moments of pain and uncertainty as opportunities to build my own inner strength.

After years of reading (fabulous!) personal growth books, and learning what to do - I needed to actually do the work to make change happen. A book couldn't provide the accountability I needed. So I built a tool that would! Critter is a self-guided tool that helps you put what you've learned into action, by bringing in accountability, social support, structure and fun.

You don't need Critter to do this work. All you have to do is decide to do it. But, like MyFitnessPal for the body, or Lumosity for the mind, Critter can provide you with invaluable - and fun! - social and structural support around your emotional goals, to make that process easier to do and remember. If and when you're ready press go - we are so happy for you, and excited to welcome you into our community!

I know how difficult building emotional resilience can be! I'm here to share my solutions with you, both now and as I continue to learn. Critter.Co has and continues to help me, and I hope I can share that with you!

Inner work is all ultimately all about self-love. The more we all get that right, the more we can enjoy our lives, and show up fully in the world.

Will you join me in the quest?



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Critter Activities

When you join Critter, you'll build emotional strength through 7 core exercises, each backed by proven strategies for living happier:

Critter is a web application, with satellite mobile apps that make it easy to record on-the-go:

Critter is a serious tool that understands the importance of fun! Get your critter. Take easy, lighthearted steps towards your goals. Keep your critter's world happy, and watch your happiness grow, too!

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Meet the Critter Crew

Katie Benedetto Jones

Founder, Developer

Katie is a math nerd and web developer in Durham, NC, with a love for the ridiculous and whimsical. Her artistic heroes are Dr. Seuss & Roald Dahl.

Megan Hannay

Creative Director

Megan is a writer by heart and entrepreneur by brain, in Los Angeles, CA. She loves most abstractions, thunderstorms and good wit. Her heroes are Cheryl Strayed and Amelie.

Ozan Tekin

Critter Designer

Who designs our critters? Ozan! Ozan lives in Istanbul, Turkey. He enjoys philosophizing, creating terrariums, and dreaming up new creative ideas of all sorts.

Andy Jones


Andy is a programmer, an expert at API integration, the founder of PipeThru - and Katie's husband! Andy loves board games, CGI movies, and playfully poking people with difficult questions. :)

Jake Stowell


Jake is a biology and psychology double major in San Diego, CA. Jake loves helping others reach their highest potentials.

Kristen Lee


Kristen is a student at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Kristen enjoys urban planning, gardening, drawing portraits and eating blueberries.

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