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Critter is a web application, with satellite mobile apps that make it easy to record on-the-go:

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Critter.Co is a serious tool that understands the importance of fun! Get your critter. Take easy, lighthearted steps towards your goals. Keep your critter happy, and watch your happiness grow, too!

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Here's the complete rundown of everything you'll get instant access to when you join Critter.Co:

Mood Tracking:


Creating Good Feelings:

At Critter.Co, we didn't stop with just recording moods: we're actually guiding you towards creating more positive moods. We use proven methods to create good feelings, harness good feelings for a boost later, and help move through more negative moods. Through neuroplasticity, simple exercises like these help you build healthy mental habits for a better mood. Here are the specific features we offer:

Writing, Planning & Journaling:

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