How to Use Critter.Co

How-to questions and answers for current Critter members. Click here for business inquiries and pre-signup FAQ.

Logging In

Q:I don't remember how I last logged in. Can you help me?
A:Yes! There are a couple Checkins you can do. First, when you go to log in, see if there's a message suggesting how you may have logged in last. If not, try the password reset. If that doesn't find your account, try logging in through your social networks. If you still aren't finding it, please contact us, and include what you remember about your account.
Q:I just successfully logged in using Facebook/Twitter/Google, but none of the settings or data I had before is here. What happened?
A:You probably didn't originally log in the same way, and have created a new account. See if you can log in a different way to find your old account. Then, contact us for help with merging your accounts, or with finding your old one.
Q:I have two different Critter.Co accounts. Can you combine them for me?
A:Yes. Please contact us below, from the email address you have listed on Critter.Co, with your account information.

How To Play

Q:How do I play?

A:The more you record on Critter, the better you can take care of your Critter! Use kudos to buy food and other items. Earn experience points by completing quests and feeding your Critter.

Q:What are kudos, and how do I earn them?

A:Kudos are the currency in the game, required to purchase items. Each time you record something new on Critter, you earn 1 kudo.

Q:What are items for, and how do I get them?

A:There are food and nonfood items. Food items can be used to feed your Critter. Both food and nonfood items are used to complete quests, which earn you experience points, or xp. You can get items by visiting the market. You might also sometimes be rewarded with an item or two when you record something.

Q:How do I feed my Critter?

A:Your Critter will tell you what it is hungry for. visiting the market. You might also sometimes be rewarded with an item or two when you record something.

Q:What happens when my Critter is hungry?

A:Your Critter has a hunger score, between 0% and 100%. Your Critter's hunger will slowly increase over time. When your Critter is hungry, feed it! When you feed your Critter what it wants to eat, its hunger score goes back to zero, and you'll earn experience points (xp).

Critter.Co doesn't allow any Critters to starve, so when your Critter's hunger has been at 100% for a day, Critter.Co will intervene and feed your Critter on your behalf. As a penalty, you will lose all your progress (xp) towards your next level - so log in and feed your Critter often to level up!

Q:How often does the market change?

A:The market changes once per day. Both inventory and prices will change at that time.

Q:What are quests?

A:Quests give you a way to earn more experience points (xp). To start a question, navigate to the quests section and select an available quest. Collect each of the items required by the quest, by buying items from the market with your kudos. To complete a quest, navigate back to the quests section, click on the current quest you'd like to complete, and select "Complete This Quest" to complete.

Q:How do I achieve a new level?

A:Earn experience points (xp) to gain new levels. A bar towards the top of your screen indicates your level, and your progress towards the next level.

Section: Mood

Q:What is this section?
A:The mood section is a place to record your moods throughout your day. Logging your mood is important to see patterns in your mood, to see your mood over time, and to correlate mood changes with your activities on Critter.
Q:What are the different moods?
A:Moods on Critter.Co are recorded using two dimensions: positivity, from -10 to 10, and energy, from -10 to 10. This gives you an opportunity to explain both the kind of mood, and intensity of the mood. For instance, when you're feeling angry, you might record a p-10e5 (positivity of -10, energy of 5). When you're feeling very angry, you might record a p-10e10. Other examples: contentment might be p10e0, sadness might be p-10e-5, and joy might be p10e10.
Q:When should I record a mood, and what should I record?
A:For the best data, record your mood anytime you think of it. In particular, we recommend recording details about the mood - what you would call it - and anything that seems significant about how you got into that mood - what's been happening lately, what you're excited about or frustrated with - or any physical things you suspect might have caused the change (I just went on a run, I ate something that hurt my stomach).

Section: Check-Ins

Q:How many check-ins should I set up?
A:We recommend starting with just a few check-ins - 1-3.
Q:What are examples of good check-ins to record?

A:We recommend recording positive actions if at all possible, since they're much more fun to record! A check-in might be a small step towards a habit you want to set. For instance, 30 seconds of deep breaths, 5 minutes of yoga, 10 minute walk.

For a habit you want to break, see if you can think of the positive action you want to replace the habit with, by thinking of what it is about the habit that compels you to take that action, and what alternative action might provide a similar reward. For instance, with drinking soda, many people find that it's the fizziness they like - so they replace soda with flavored carbonated water.

Section: Gratitude

Q:How do I turn off getting emails from Critter.Co?
A:Go to your coaching preferences here, located under My Account > Coaching Preferences. Uncheck the email and text message boxes.

Section: Daily Questions

Q:What is the writing section? What kinds of questions will I get?

A:The goal of the writing section is to organize your thoughts, and can realize new things about your goals and priorities. Our prompts are designed to be short, easy-to-answer thought questions that give you clarity on your goals, and help you solve problems creatively.

Q:How often will I get a new question in this section?

A:Each time you record an answer to a question, the next question will be waiting for you. Go through questions quickly, or take as much time as you need.

Section: I Rock

Q:What is this section?

A:Have you ever wished you could get a real-life "gold star" for something you did that you know was good? Or, have you wished that you had a way to get a good boost of esteem when you're feeling low?

The I Rock section is that place! Come back here often and give yourself a pat on the back by adding:

  • Something you've accomplished - today, this week, in your life. Include all the tiny wins: all big successes are made up of many tiny wins.
  • A note of encouragement to yourself
  • Something you love and appreciate about yourself

Build skills for validating yourself, and build up an arsenal of worthiness for when you're feeling low. Whenever you want a boost, come back to the 'I Rock' section and click on 'Review' to see a timeline of all the ways you rock!

Section: The Dump

Q:What is The Dump?

A:The Dump is a way to dump the negative feelings that are holding you back. Chenpa is a word for any negative attachment that holds you back - worries, fears, attachments, bad feelings, guilty feelings, shoulds, can'ts. Write them down in the Dump section and dump them to release yourself of their negative energy. The things you write here won't be saved, they will be forever destroyed.

Studies have proven that dumping chenpas - traditionally by shredding or burning paper, or releasing balloons - makes a measurable positive impact to your happiness. Dump daily for best results!

Q:How often should I dump negative thoughts?
A:Dump negative thoughts whenever you have them. As a guideline, it might help to pick a certain time of day when you might tend to worry - maybe the end of the day, or during the afternoon slump. We do give a word of caution on this section: dump only when you do have negative thoughts! If you're through the moon with positivity, don't actively try to think of negative thoughts. Use this as a tool for boosting your mood when you'd like a boost.

Section: Logbook

Q:What is this section?
A:This section is an open journal area, for you to use however you like. Record journal entries, and review or edit them later.

Receiving Email

Q:How do I change what emails I get from Critter.Co?
A:Go to your coaching preferences here, located under My Account > Coaching Preferences.

Connecting with Other Members

Q:How do I find other people who want to be friends on Critter.Co?
A:By default, we do not list other people on Critter.Co, so that people can stay anonymous if they like. You can do a couple Checkins to get friends on Critter.Co - for one, invite your outside friends to use Critter.Co! Ask for their username outside of Critter.Co, and add them as a friend. For finding friends inside Critter.Co, try introducing yourself in the forums to meet other Critter members.
Q:Who can see my Critter.Co profile?
A:Only people you have made friends with on Critter.Co can see your profile. Anyone else, including both people on Critter.Co and the outside world, will see just your username and critter picture when they visit your profile page. That way, you can share your custom Critter with the world, without sharing any personal information.

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