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Cyndie Courtney

After reading The Happiness Project I was looking for a way to start a habit diary. Critter.Co was exactly what I was looking for and more. The hip, fun feel of the site made me look forward to checking in every morning. The mood, gratitude, and self-affirmation sections also encouraged me to develop my personal journey deeper, beyond just a habit checklist. The site takes a positive and empowering approach to change that is very uplifting. Just like a walking stick on a long hike, Critter moves you forward and supports you in this journey called life.

Cyndie Courtney, Veterinarian & World-Changer at Vet Changes World

Kate Marolt

Critter is a fun, easy way to build a practice of gratitude and to create habits that are beneficial. I love getting my reminder email to log in and talk about how awesome I am! ;) Really though, it has been a fun way for me to kick caffeine, intercept negativity, and to play while I'm doing it. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes to have a good time while creating a better life!

Kate Marolt, Play Warrior and Excitement Engineer,

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Ben Weston

Critter got me into the daily habit of starting my day off by writing down what I'm most grateful. Each day, I would spend just a couple of minutes but hours later still feel great about myself and the life I'm living! And I get to decorate a fun little critter with a tie and vest. Yeah, he's cool.

Ben Weston, Men's Dance Coach & Cofounder of Dance Floor Arsenal

Megan Thorsen

I've been using Critter for mood tracking, habit formation, and other behavior modification. I was surprised to find that it also contributes to lifting my mood! Committing what I rock and what I'm grateful for to text really brings it into focus, plus the design is bright and cheery! I've also found Critter surprisingly helpful for behavior modification. The act of checking in on various goals makes me realize when I've been avoiding situations where I might have to choose whether to work on them, or when I've been working on them a lot more than I realized at the time.

Megan Thorsen, Director of Technology, AdaptRM at Rapid Prototypes Inc.

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So I am actually really really liking having Critter.Co as my one stop shop for gratitude, mood, I rock, check-in, and daily question.

It's simple, quick, and really gets me feeling good.

Ben, Courage Coach, Kickass Academy

Kelsey Abbott

Critter has been a great tool to remind me to acknowledge and log my gratitude every day. AND it's inspired me to come up with new challenges for myself- challenges like meditating for 10 minutes everyday and doing 50 push-ups everyday. And that's after only 1 month of Critter. I'm excited to see what awesomeness evolves as I continue using Critter.

Kelsey Abbott, Authenticity Coach and Instigator of Joy at Find Your Awesome

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Akira Morita

I've been using Critter.Co for several months now, and I love it! It's great for anything I want that extra accountability for... getting the emails from it is like having a personal coach, only cuter and more whimsical.

- Akira Morita, Oranguntan Swing

Kevin Diamond

Whether I'm trying to incorporate a new tiny habit, get a clear window to my feelings, or dump any negativity once and for all, my new little 'Critter' friend has become my go to guy. It's great having a tool like this in my corner, all the time.

Kevin Diamond | Empowering people on their PassionPursuit at

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Nathan Coury

My favorite part about Critter is that it prompts me to write about my inner world from different angles, whether that's gratitude, self-praise, releasing frustration, or just journaling my thoughts. I never got that variety from regular journaling software.

Nathan Coury

Carey Ruhl

Critter.Co is a wonderful online tool for self-improvement. The fact that you can have fun, stay motivated, and keep track of your moods and goals is invaluable. It is actually harder NOT to log on because of the game aspect of the website. This means the goals and habits that you want to cultivate are always at the front of your mind which is what needs to happen to create change.

Carey Ruhl, Operations Concierge & Chief Socialist, Plum Deluxe

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Mike Vallano

It's so nice to have a tool for tracking my habits, moods, and written ramblings in one spot, and tracking tools for all of it as well. I'm so excited for you having creating something so useful and effective. And the critter drawings are a great touch :)

- Mike Vallano, SEO Strategist at SEOverflow

Mark Neyer

I have bipolar disorder, so regulating my mood is crucial to me. Critter has helped me attack procrastination, which I found - through using this site - is really caused by mood issues.

Mark Neyer, Senior Software Developer at Electric Cloud

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Sean Carley

Critter is a fun way to add and encourage the power of positive thought in your life.

Sean Carley, @milythael

Megan Hannay is such a fun personal analytics tool. It's not just about recording your mood - it's a way to really begin to track the way you respond to different events, times of day, etc and coach yourself to stop following the "roller coaster" ups and downs of life. Having the mood chart history - seeing times in the past when I recorded a "low" mood, followed by a higher mood a few days (or even hours) later, really puts some perspective on my feelings, and it helps me remember that moods REALLY are temporary. The entire "essence" of the site makes me want to return to the site again and again. It makes the recording job FUN!

- Megan Hannay, Writer, Quill & Querty

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