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Katie Benedetto Jones is the founder, lead developer, and mastermind of Critter.Co.

Through her web development company, Yellow Rubber Ball, LLC, she first developed two social networks for individuals in recovery from drugs & alcohol, through grants from SAMHSA.

Katie was inspired by the success of MyRecovery, as well as the fun game-like nature of Lumosity for improving brain function, and the effectiveness of MyFitnessPal at leveraging social support to empower its users to achieve physical wellness. Katie wanted to see a similar, social growth platform available for all, for emotional growth.

Katie started Critter.Co in part to solve a problem with procrastination. After trying so many of the tools and techniques out there, and reading personal growth books, she realized that the root of her procrastination was emotional. So, she built the tool that she wanted for herself. Read more on that here.

Katie sees the key to flow as managing energy - as in the book, The Power of Full Engagement. The book, written by coaches of olympic-level athletes, talks about 4 main areas to build and manage energy in: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. As Lumosity and MyFitnessPal are applications for mental and physical energy, respectively, Critter.Co is the application for building emotional strength and resilience.

Katie holds an M.S. from the University of North Carolina, where she studied computer security with Dr. Michael Reiter, and a B.S. from The College of William & Mary, where she published in Theoretical Computer Science with Dr. Nick Loehr. She enjoys Quantified Self, personal growth, collecting new experiences, preparing for races (especially triathlons!) and spending time with her husband in Durham, North Carolina. Her artistic heros are Roald Dahl, Dr. Seuss, and Carl Sandburg.

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Katie Benedetto Jones | 1-650-241-2174
Twitter: @critterco | Facebook

Yellow Rubber Ball, LLC
4100 Five Oaks Drive, Unit 41
Durham, NC, USA 27707

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