A log of all app updates - for web, Android, iPhone/iPad

For any questions, bug reports, or feature requests, please contact us here.

1.2.8 - October 3, 2019

Updates to history: fixed bugs pertaining to history display/history type toggle. Added ability to delete history from timeline. Updated coaching area to display a message that you need to select a support list, rather than just redirecting directly to the support list page. Enjoy, & please email me at hello@critter.co if you have bug reports or requests!

1.2.6 - October 2, 2019

Bug fixing:

  • Switching between positive/negative reactions works as expected
  • Clicking 'Thanks' after doing a negative reaction switches back to negative reaction list
  • Clicking 'Thanks' after doing a positive reaction switches back to positive reactions list

1.2.5 - September 29, 2019

Another major update! Many usability updates, including design, UI, and checking offline/online status. Coaching still works offline! Everything else (including updating your data) needs an internet connection. And, confetti drops every time you log a reaction or save your thoughts!

1.2.1 - September 28, 2019

First release.