The playful + social
emotional toolbox.

Critter is a web & mobile app with activities for experiencing
stronger confidence, more positivity, & greater happiness.

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A Game Powered by Growth

Do the inner work to keep your Critter happy & well-fed. And because it's fun, it's personal growth you'll remember to do.

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Team Up With Friends.

Connect with your friends and cheer them on. Make new friends in community discussions on topics like community, gratitude and more.

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Store Good Feelings.

Never be stuck without a go-to again. Critter helps you build up resources for the low times. Critter is your emotional toolbox - literally.

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Leverage Your Wisdom.

One of our core beliefs is that you know you best. With Critter, use technology to be your own best coach. Leverage constant digital power to coach your own ever-changing emotional mind.

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Driven by Data.

Capture and review rich data on your emotional well-being. Track your mood, emotional habits, and more. See your progress. Get reminded to review your progress at checkpoints.

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Backed by Research.

Critter.Co is made up of 7 basic growth activities, each scientifically proven to increase your happiness.

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