Train your inner voice.

Critter is a tool kit for building your own digital emotional toolbox. Get your wisest self in your pocket, ready when you need the most. It's simple to use and fully custom for you. And best of all, using Critter helps you train your self-talk in a way that lasts.

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How Self-Coaching Works

Create Support Lists

Enter the recurring situations and thought patterns that happen in your life. In each support list, load responses that help you for that moment. They might be thoughts, questions, strategies, quotes, or things someone close to you has said that feel good.

Get Support

When you need a pep talk, excuse yourself to the bathroom for a quiet moment. Go to a relevant support list, and tap through the responses you've saved for yourself until the emotion feels manageable.

Set Up Reminders

Set your support lists to remind you daily - either by email, or push notification - of your own wisdom. Remember and rehearse your strategies before the situation occurs so you feel more prepared.

Learn What Works

Critter learns what feedback you respond well to, and what you don't. Use Critter to try strategies from the Support Community, keep what works and toss what doesn't.

What's Inside

There's More in the Toolbox

Critter was designed as a blank-slate toolbox that can be used to try out any self-help strategies (for instance, CBT, DBT, AA, NA) you choose - to mix and match and augment them to what fits your life and specific situations the best. We include tracking and logging tools that work as a perfect accompaniment to many popular therapies.

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Track Reactions to Emotions

Train yourself into healthier knee-jerk reactions to emotions. Celebrate successes, accept slip-ups, and get encouragement seeing your progress over time.

Store Your Thoughts

Getting your thoughts out can help generate solutions or work through emotions. Critter provides the tools to store writing prompts and write in formats that match popular self-help strategies.

Review Your Emotional History

Visualizing progress is everything. What were you worried about last month? What's changed this month? What knee-jerk reactions have you successfully stopped? Look back on all you've done and see how far you've come.